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Turkey comes in first place when it comes to how much tea each person drinks a year!

This week we got an email new update from Adagio letting us know that Turkey now tops the charts as the most tea consumed in pounds per person per year; they even provided a link to the Quartz online news publication website that presents a chart that identified this, and the runner up countries. “The data, pooled from figures provided by Euromonitor and the World Bank, suggests that Turkish drinkers consume almost 7 pounds of tea per person each year.” (http://www.teatrends.com/) the next top countries are Ireland (4.8 pounds per capita), and England (4.8 pounds per capita); USA (about half a pound per person) falls beneath Finland. Of the countries listed, Mexico comes in last at 0.034 pounds per person each year.


Based on the growing tea trend in the USA, we here at Sereni-tea believe that the USA will climb up this chart. What do you think?


(2:35 pst on 1/29/2014)


(2:35 pst on 1/29/2014)


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