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We are always hearing about people on the go, and looking for ways for people to enjoy their tea with out feeling hindered by slowing down. Here are a few Sencha green tea recipes that are quick and easy for you to enjoy!

Breakfast Drink

(Serves 2)

(Recipe created by Daniela Bose and Monika Gubler)

1 ½ cup milk, or milk alternative

2 packets of Sencha Powder

1 banana

4 apricots

– blend everything in blender until smooth, serve in tall glasses.

*Try it with berries and other fruits, let your inspiration and personal taste guide you!


Cold Green Tea To-Go

The Sencha Ice Tea Powder is a great addition to plain water too, just add one packet into a 16 oz. bottle of water, shake it up and enjoy green tea on the go.


Green Tea Ice Cream

Soften store bought ice cream, blend in Sencha Ice Tea Powder, then re-freeze. Scoop it out when it is back to its frozen consistency and enjoy!

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  1. I would use coconut water in the Tea to Go recipe or mix half and half with Limeade.
    In the Breakfast Drink I would use coconut milk. And beware of the fruit you use with it. Red (or orange) with green makes brown!
    Unless you want to add carob.

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