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August Art Walk

The August Art Walk here at Sereni-tea! We had a fun August art walk with many visitors who enjoyed meeting with Alek Balos, see his “Over the top” paintings, as one of his students commented. We enjoyed a special white wine – green tea cocktail with fresh baked zucchini bites and little lavender cakes. As


Quick and Easy Sencha Powder Green Tea Recipes

We are always hearing about people on the go, and looking for ways for people to enjoy their tea with out feeling hindered by slowing down. Here are a few Sencha green tea recipes that are quick and easy for you to enjoy! Breakfast Drink (Serves 2) (Recipe created by Daniela Bose and Monika Gubler)


July Friday Art Walk

                  Once again we had our Friday Art walk last week and featured Theresa Joyce of TWIG in Occidental.  As we have been selling her cards and candy/cookie plates for a few years now, we decided to have her come visit and meet some of her customers


Epic Tea Time

We found a video on today… enjoy folks! Video: Epic Tea Time                                 Now that is an epic tea time!   References: (7/22/2014 at 12 pm PST)


White Chocolate Matcha Biscotti

Enjoy these White Chocolate Matcha Biscotti with you tea, or ice-cream! Ingredients: 2 cups Organic sugar 3 tablespoons Matcha Powder 3 cups Flour 1 tablespoon Baking Powder 4 eggs 2 cups White chocolate chips Instructions: Preheat your oven to 350. Combine Sugar, Matcha Powder, flour and baking powder together in a large mixing bowl. Make


June Art Walk

Jane Rothenberg is a Mt. Shasta native and has been creating jewelery for 10 years now. We showed many of her designs of necklaces, bracelets and earrings this past Friday at the Mt. Shasta Art Walk.  We had a great response to her many pieces of natural style.  The chocolate covered strawberries and the smoked


Tea Granita

For the hot days that are already here, try a Tea Granita, a frozen treat for the warm summer time! Make this one day before you plan on serving it, giving it ample time to freeze. The serving size is big enough to serve a crowd.   To 6 cups, freshly brewed Tea (black or


Moringa Tea

  Another great discovery at this year’s World Tea Expo was Moringa! This herbal tea, made of a deciduous tree, of the family Moringaceae, from Northern India, produces a highly nutritious and beneficial infusion. Moringa is naturally caffeine free, is very good source of calcium, potassium, iron, Vitamin A and C, as well as other


Artistic Japanese Sweets

 In Japanese tea art and culture there is a wide array of small, beautiful sweets known as Wagashi.   Wagashi first were developed in the Nara period ( Japan: 710-784 AD), and developed into an artform during the Edo period (Japan: 1600-1867 AD). They are made from rice flour, kanten (gelatin made from seaweed), and


Impressions from the World Tea Expo

      With anticipation and expectations we went to this years World tea expo in Long Beach, CA. I had a few things on my list to explore, find or discover.  Knowing little about the exhibitors we had to wander the aisles, visit with many different vendors, try countless cups of tea and have

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