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Historic Tea

Here’s a historic tea moment… Tea has almost always been the drink of choice in the U.K., here is a short article about some green tea with a lot of history that was just recently discovered! Click Here to read that article!                          


How to Clean Your Tea Pots

Tea Kettles: When hard water is boiled in your tea kettle to prepare a pot of tea, minerals build up over time. Try boiling water and ½ cup of vinegar in the tea kettle for 15 minutes to help remove the mineral deposits inside the pot and spout. Dump the mixture and rinse thoroughly. Sealed


Tea, Sugar, and History

We were looking into what has been happening in the tea world, and stumbled upon this great write up on tea and sugar’s effects on history! Of course we know that there was a lot of trade from Asia that happened with European countries, and a lot of espionage to go with it, but this


Tea is the choice for people under 30 years old!

We have seen and heard about the recent upward trend in tea consumption, but this is a short and sweet article on a recent survey, where people under 30 years old are drinking primarily tea! Click here to visit the website, and check out the article and graphs, or copy the link below into your


What is a trade secret?

Lately we have been  getting a lot of questions about ingredients and formulas that are classified as a “trade secret,” so we wanted to put out some brief information on what a Trade Secret is. According to Burton’s Legal Thesaurus, a trade secret is: “…knowledge which provides superiority, protected design used by a business, protected

natural flavoring

What is “Natural Flavoring”?

Lately we have been getting the question, “What is the natural flavoring in your tea?”   Yes, our teas are naturally flavored (and gluten-free), NOT artificially flavored. So then what is ‘natural flavoring’? Natural flavoring is  used”… if the food does not contain added color, artificial flavors, or synthetic substances.” ( So what exactly does


Different Teas from Japan… What makes them different?

There are many different types of teas from Japan, so what makes them different? Here is a short description of some of the main teas produced by Japan! Bancha is a very common, coarse or rough tea. It is generally composed of lower grade tea leaves, which are divided into two kinds: large leaf, and


Barrel Aged Tea

There are plenty of things to keep your eyes on in the tea industry,barrel aged tea is something news to us here at Sereni-tea! Check out this article about Tea of the People’s newest venture! “Toronto, Canada (PRWEB) December 15, 2014 Launched December 1st of 2014, Tea of the People is set to disrupt North


Vietnam’s tea exports to reach $245 Million by year-end!

We just got this article about Vietnam’s tea industry sent to us in a news letter! It just goes to show that tea is a growing industry. “Tea exports expected to reach 245 million USD The Vietnam Tea Association (Vitas) expects the country will earn 245 million USD from tea exports by the end of


Tea Quotes

Over the years we have hear many tea quotes and tea puns, here are a few tea quotes through time and from around the world that we wanted to share!     “I always fear the world will expire before tea-time!” – Rev. Sydney Smith   “Remember the tea kettle – it is always up

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