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FAQ: Which teas are not caffeinated?

All teas containing the Sinensis leaf: Black tea, Oolong tea, Green tea, or White tea contain caffeine; all Wellness, Rooibos, Herbal, and Fruit teas are not caffeinated.

FAQ: Do you have decaffeinated teas?

We do not sell decaffeinated teas. If you wish to have it with little to no caffeine you can do that easily as follows: To decaffeinate your tea prepare them as you normally would and discard the tea after brewing it just 30 seconds; then brew it like you usually would. Most caffeine is released in the steeping process in the first 20 to 30 seconds.

FAQ: How much tea do I need per cup?

With teas that are made of the tea leaf, it’s usually 1 tsp per cup. Herbal, Rooibos, Fruit, and Wellness blends need usually 1 Tbsp. per cup. Should you choose to brew your tea in a tea pot just adjust the amount to the contents of the tea pot. (If you want to do it English style add one tsp. for the tea pot!) Our Tea Packaging lists the amount to be used for each kind of tea and what water temperature to brew the tea at.

FAQ: Do you sell tea bags?

All our teas are loose leaf teas. The quality of the tea bags you buy at the grocery store is usually the least best grades available (fannings and dust leaf grade). Loose leaf teas can be brewed up more often, some up to 4 times! If you are new to loose leaf tea we have empty bags for sale under “Accessories”, different sices for single cup (#1) all the way to sun tea jar size (#4).

FAQ: Why do I not see the tea that I usually order?

When we are out of stock we disable the tea listing in our shopping cart. So the tea that you usually order may not be visiable until we have it back in stock and we activate the listing again. Should this occure, please e-mail us and get an estimated date for the delivery and order after that date. We appologize for any inconvenience this may cause you in the delay for your order.

FAQ: How much are the shipping costs?

We have created several tiered shipping costs, that should accommodate orders from California, the rest of the US, as well as Canada and Europe! The California and US charges are based on cost of your purchase; the Canada and Europe charges go by weight.  All orders placed in the US are entitled to FREE shipping on all orders over $40.

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