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Spring Blends

width="200"Spring is here and it’s time for a fresh cup of Sereni-Tea

Turmeric Ginger

All organic, ancient Ayurvedic remedy that works like a healing tonic.

Flowering Teas

Watch the beauty unfurl when you steep these magical fruit flowering teas!

Iced Tea

Choose from a Delicious Selection of Iced Tea Blends, all Certified Organic!


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Sweets & Treats

sereni tea mt shasta tea potsWelcome to Sereni-Tea! We offer over 160 varieties of high quality loose leaf and herbal teas from Japan, China, India, Taiwan, Nepal and Africa.

 We also offer a selection of accoutrements designed to enhance the consumption of tea ranging from contemporary ceramic ware to products that makes brewing and drinking tea easy for active lifestyles. As our customers continue to build a sophisticated palate, they are embracing our offering of different tea and herbal infusions.

We pride ourselves on educating our customers about quality, thus improving their palate and desire for teas. While the US market has been behind in appreciating the nuances of high quality teas, it is quickly catching up.

We have also found that green tea is growing in popularity, due to its association with positive health benefits. Sereni-tea began introducing cold brewed green tea and black tea as a refreshing drink in summer. Our customers appreciate the choice of brewing techniques offered; to enjoy our great teas year round.

Rooibos is another category of herbal infusion that is growing in popularity with our customers. The infusion is made from oxidized rooibos leaves and is traditionally enjoyed hot with a slice of lemon or some honey, and is also very enjoyable as an iced beverage. Health benefits of Rooibos vary widely as research in South Africa and Japan has already proven.

Continued recognition by consumers of tea’s healthy properties and their switch to tea from carbonated soft drinks or coffee are creating a notable change. The future of tea is here at Sereni-tea. If you would like a glimpse of the future, shop here online, or stop by at our shop in Mount Shasta.

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