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TED Talk- Grow Your Cloths

Monique was watching Ted Talks, and came across one about growing fabric for your cloths in tea! Could this be a new extension of the tea industry?! We hope so! CLICK HERE to check it out!                                      

Will Assam teas be available in the future?

Most people know and love Assam teas for their dark and strong characteristics that hold up so well with milk and sugar, but it looks like recent weather changes might make it harder to get our beloved  tea! Here is an article that explains why: Climate Change Sparks Tension in India’s Tea Gardens So basically,

Barrel Aged Tea

There are plenty of things to keep your eyes on in the tea industry,barrel aged tea is something news to us here at Sereni-tea! Check out this article about Tea of the People’s newest venture! “Toronto, Canada (PRWEB) December 15, 2014 Launched December 1st of 2014, Tea of the People is set to disrupt North

Vietnam’s tea exports to reach $245 Million by year-end!

We just got this article about Vietnam’s tea industry sent to us in a news letter! It just goes to show that tea is a growing industry. “Tea exports expected to reach 245 million USD The Vietnam Tea Association (Vitas) expects the country will earn 245 million USD from tea exports by the end of

Drinking Tea and Preventing Cancer

There is continues results from studies that show drinking tea is good for your health and helps prevent cancer. Check out this recent article we found! “Women who drink two cups of tea a day slash risk of ovarian cancer.” This recent article from Express focuses on ovarian cancer, but check out our other blog

Moringa Tea

  Another great discovery at this year’s World Tea Expo was Moringa! This herbal tea, made of a deciduous tree, of the family Moringaceae, from Northern India, produces a highly nutritious and beneficial infusion. Moringa is naturally caffeine free, is very good source of calcium, potassium, iron, Vitamin A and C, as well as other

Impressions from the World Tea Expo

      With anticipation and expectations we went to this years World tea expo in Long Beach, CA. I had a few things on my list to explore, find or discover.  Knowing little about the exhibitors we had to wander the aisles, visit with many different vendors, try countless cups of tea and have

Bergamot is found to prevent heart disease!

Bergamot is a fragrant Mediterranean fruit that is the key ingredient in Earl Grey teas. This citrus fruit has a long history as a ‘superfood,’ traditionally it has been used as an antiseptic and anti-inflamitory, but now it has a new role to play in the health arena… The extract from bergamot has now been

Oprah, Starbucks and Teavana….

We just read an article that Oprah is “tea-ming” up with Starbucks and Teavana for a super star tea blend to be sold in their stores. Here is the link to the USA Today article; check it out: CLICK HERE to search and shop for your favorite teas at Sereni-tea. Let us know in

Turkey Tops the Charts

Turkey comes in first place when it comes to how much tea each person drinks a year! This week we got an email new update from Adagio letting us know that Turkey now tops the charts as the most tea consumed in pounds per person per year; they even provided a link to the Quartz

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